Mute fan and analog level
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On the market, many businesses will introduce silent products, what is a mute product, in fact, the definition of different industries are different standards, the national standard is also not clearly defined, the so-called business quiet, ultra-quiet, generally corporate standards, set by the manufacturers. However, in China's “Home and Similar Electrical Appliance Noise Limits” national standard, there are mandatory regulations for home appliance noise limits. For example, the maximum values for washing machine washing and dewatering noise are 62 dB and 72 dB, respectively; according to the cooling power, the air conditioning indoor The machine noise limit is 40-63 dB.
From the human body's sensory analysis, generally less than 40 decibels, can be called mute, less than 20 decibels, can be called ultra-quiet. For industries without national standards, we generally use this as the standard.
In the no-echo room with background noise of 8dB-A, the minimum noise of our 20x20x10mm and 25x25x7mm cooling fans can reach 18dB-A, which is lower than 20dB. It can be called an ultra-quiet fan, and it is classified according to human sense. , Our small and medium size fans can achieve silent fan level.


For many people, the decibel of the volume is a very abstract concept. In the following, we introduce an analogy above 70 decibels:
190 decibels leading to death
140 dB The highest critical point in the European Union that leads to complete hearing loss
139 dB World Cup fans cries
130 dB Rocket Launch Sound
125 dB jets take off sound
120 decibels in this environment will produce temporary deafness for more than one minute
110 dB Propeller airplane take off sound, rock concert sound
105 dB Permanent Damage Auditory
100 dB pressure sound of the drill rig and the sound of the compression hammer hitting heavy objects
90 decibels Noisy bar environment sound, electric sawing saw wood sound
85 dB or less will not damage the hair cells in the cochlea
80 dB Noisy office, sounds on the highway
75dB Human Ear Comfort Limit
70 dB street environment sound


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