Computer chassis fan sound influence factors
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As we all know, after the computer has been purchased for a long time, there will be a “click” sound when the computer is turned on. The source of the sound is the cooling fan inside the chassis. Many people have asked why the fans are very quiet when they are purchased. After they are used for a long time, their sounds will become louder or have a strange sound. Below we analyze the factors that affect the sound of the computer chassis fan.
We know that when the cooling fan is running, the fan blades do circular motion. The speed is generally about 1500-3000 RPM, that is, 1500-3000 revolutions per minute. The fan blade is tangent to the air to generate air volume, and it also produces a certain amount of noise. The resulting noise is related to the structure of the fan blade and the speed of the fan blade. The noise generated by the blades at different angles of inclination is different. When the air volume can meet the cooling requirements, the selection of a low-speed cooling fan can reduce the noise. noise. Another factor affecting the size of the fan noise is the balance of the blades. When the balance of the blades is high, the effect on the circular motion of the blades is minimal. When the balance is not good, the blades will slightly shake. The amplitude will increase with the increase in the length of time the fan is used, and the noise will increase. The fan fan blade balance can be adjusted by professional trimming instruments. The picture shows the balancer.



The factors affecting the fan noise are: poor concentricity of the fan-bearing assembly, ball bearing fan noise, low oil content of the oil bearing fan, and foreign matter inside the fan.
In summary, we know that the main factors affecting the noise of computer chassis fans are: the structure of the fan itself and its use in later stages. If the former needs to be changed, it needs to find the supplier to replace the component parts; the latter solution is to pay attention to the details of the maintenance of the fan.
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